Alex and Jeremiah

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Our Story

In fall of 2012, Alex Waddell and Jeremiah Klinect met at Toccoa Falls College, where they were both majoring in Education. Following graduation in 2014, their friendship blossomed into a relationship, and they had their first date on June 21, 2014. A year of long distance dating began. In September, they said "I Love You." In January, a first kiss. In the middle of July 2015, she moved to Georgia, and the long distance became shorter.

On the second day of October, they took a trip to visit Alex's family in South Carolina. On the way, they stopped at Toccoa Falls College, the place where it all began, just "to visit." After a trip to the waterfall and a visit with friends, Jeremiah asked Alex if she would like to see their former college professors in the Teacher Education building. Alex entered the classroom to find red rose petals everywhere, and a computer displaying a slideshow of photos of her growing up and meeting him, set to the tune of their song. Jeremiah arrived at the end of the video, got down on one knee, and asked "Will you please be my wife?"

On June 11, 2016, they will say "I Do."

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